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• Clan Maxwell Society - Log of Additions & Corrections •

Note: For the sake of brevity and ease, the initials 'CMS' will be substituted for 'Clan Maxwell Society' in the log reports listed below. Although most corrections and/or modifications to the CMS website will be listed here, some alterations may be so minor as to not merit this action. However, individual pages will display the last date and time they were updated.

2017-08-09 @02:20 AM | Modified secondary header file to place 'Black Menu-Bar' on secondary pages (such as the 'Maxwell Tidbits').

2017-08-09 @01:51 AM | Modified text on Log page.

2017-08-09 @01:31 AM | Modified header file to reflect last updated page information.

2017-08-07 @02:18 AM | Added page for the Proposed Changes to the CMS By-Laws, and a link to same page wass added on main index page.

2017-07-19 @07:19 AM | Corrections: notified webmaster at Memphis Scottish Society regarding dead links to CMS site. Allow 24-48hrs for update.

2017-07-18 @02:19 PM | Added and linked Log.php [this file] to help track work on CMS website.

2017-07-17 @06:00 PM | Added and linked 'The Border Reivers' page links-reiviers.php to CMS website.

2017-07-16 @09:39 PM | Correction: 'found and replaced' one instance of who's WITH whose / last paragraph in 'A Brief History of the Maxwells'.

2017-07-14 @02:00 PM | Added 'March of the Maxwells' photo to indix.php / modified links and center page contents.

2017-07-11 @12:00 PM | Added calendar information for First Annual Campbell Memorial Scottish Games.

2017-07-08 @03:54 PM | Correction: 'found and replaced' one instance of Harries WITH Herries in fam-herries.php file.

2017-07-07 @10:36 PM | Uploaded 'Maxwell's and Caerlaverock Castle' page @caerlave.php on CMS website.

2017-07-07 @06:00 PM | Uploaded major rebuild of CMS website.

2017-04-02 @06:00 PM | Informed the readership of upcoming major modifications to CMS website.




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