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Maxwell’s Champion “Heavy”

Around the turn of the twentieth century, President Teddy Roosevelt advised, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” Clan Maxwell’s own Scottish Heavy, Brian Mobley, follows that advice with great success in competing at Scottish games.


“Heavy” is both descriptive and apt as related to athletes such as Brian who compete in Scottish field events. The hammer throw, the stone “shot put,” tossing the sheaf, and turning the caber are all uniquely Scottish, and they all demand more than a little strength. Brian has what it takes to excel in all of them. Having turned professional a few years ago after much success as an amateur, he recently began competing in the Masters events — similar, in many ways, to the senior golf tour.


When Brian and his wife, Carolyn, stopped by the Maxwell tent to visit while awaiting competition results during the recent games at Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina, Brian pretty well filled up the tent all by himself. One visitor asked innocently enough, “How did you get to be so strong?” With a twinkle in his eye, Brian replied, “I used to be a little guy. Then I put on this magic Maxwell kilt, and I just started to grow and get stronger and stronger.” (Incidentally, at Grandfather Mountain, Brian took three firsts, a second, and first overall.)


Brian is a regular competitor in Scottish games, so watch for him if you have a chance to see the Heavies in action. He is the little guy in the magic Maxwell kilt.


In The Photo: Brian Mobley(center) with Phil Johnson, Alabama Commissioner (left) and Larry Long, President (right) at the 2001 Grandfather Mountain Games



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