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Movie Maker

Ron Maxwell
A scene from Ron Maxwell's film, Gettysburg

Gods and Generals, the third movie in a Civil War trilogy written and directed by Ron Maxwell, has been released to wide critical acclaim. Maxwell has been an independent filmmaker since 1978 and is best known for Gettysburg, a movie adaptation of the best selling book, The Killer Angels, for which his new movie is a prequel.


Ronald R. Maxwell was educated at New York University, first in the College of Arts and Sciences and later in the Graduate School of the Arts’ Institute of Film. He has since compiled a lengthy filmography by writing, producing, and directing movies for television and theatrical release. In addition to his Civil War films, Gettysburg and Gods and Generals, he has done such movies as Little DarlingsThe Night the Lights Went Out in GeorgiaKidco, and Parent Trap II. An Emmy nomination is among the many honors his films have garnered over the years he has spent working behind the cameras.


Ron is currently in pre-production in the same roles on yet another Civil War film, Last Full Measure, which will be a sequel to Gods and Generals and Gettysburg. This motion picture will complete his epic Civil War Trilogy.


You never can tell where a Maxwell — or a Maxwell’s work — will turn up. Sometimes it is even on the giant silver screen.

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