Clan Maxwell Society

Fergus Highland Games
Ontario, Canada — September 2002

Larry Long (center), President of Clan Maxwell Society, presented a U.S. flag to Clan Maxwell Canada's outgoing President, Joe Maxwell (left) and incoming President, Bev Maxwell.

In a true “hands across the border” gesture, the Clan Maxwell Society of Canada invited the Clan Maxwell Society to join them in September 2002 at the Fergus Highland Games in Ontario, where Clan Maxwell was one of two honored clans. More than 100 Maxwells from both nations attended the celebration, and 20 Clan Maxwell Society members were among the 89 representing Clan Maxwell in the Parade of Tartans at the Opening Ceremonies.


Weekend activities included stories and music at an informal Maxwell Ceilidh, featuring Don Maxwell from Calgary, Pipe Major of the Maxwell Pipes and Drums.

The Canadian group held it’s Annual General Meeting in conjunction with this special occasion, so it was a chance to see how our cousins to the north conduct their Society’s business — and to see a changing of the guard as outgoing President Joe Maxwell handed over the reins to new President Bev Maxwell. Both men were founding members of the organization.


Many members of both the U.S. and Canadian groups attended the Kirkin’ of the Tartans at the St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Fergus. The Canadian group’s president could not attend, so he asked our president, Larry Long, to represent Clan Maxwell by reading the scripture at the gathering.


The Fergus Games afforded a unique opportunity for Maxwells from throughout North America to gather and share our common Scottish heritage, and we are appreciative of the hospitality extended by our Canadian cousins.

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