Clan Maxwell Society

Clan Maxwell Participation in Scottish Festivals

The Clan Maxwell Society participates in Scottish festivals throughout the United States. These pictures and reports include older events to the more recent, and were provided by our members. If you have good pictures of Maxwell participation in a Scottish festival (or any other Maxwell-related activity), please select 2-3 of your favorites and send them to the Webmaster… along with captions, participants name(s), and a brief report on the event that was attended.

Annual General Meetings

Each year, Clan Maxwell Society holds an Annual General Meeting to elect officers, approve projects, and conduct other business of the Society. These meetings are always held in conjunction with a Scottish festival, with the site rotating from year to year to allow maximum participation by our geographically diverse membership. The following is the report from recent our latest Annual General Meeting.

The Clan Maxwell Society is proud to be a member of the Council Of Scottish Clans and Associations, Inc.

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