Celebrating the Scottish Heritage of Maxwells and their Allied Families

Adair • Blackstock • Dinwiddie/Dinwoodie/Dinswoodie • Edgar • Herries • Kirk • Kirkland • Latimore/Latimer • MacKittrick • Maxton • Monreith • Moss • Nithsdale • Peacock • Pollock/Pollok • Polk/Paulk • Rawlins • Sturgeon • Wardlaw


Maxwell history is both rich and diverse; covering the land and its people, and those who rose up to protect them. From the lowland borders to the sea, the Maxwells are tied to many areas, magnificent castles, strongholds and houses. They have held titled position within the hierarchy of Scottish rule, been despised and been embraced. Maxwells have endured infamous treachery, and bloody territorial disputes. They have also been united in righteous defiance and stood with gallant bravery in the face of death. Maxwell history embodies this and much more —with the pages below barely scratching the surface.

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