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San Diego Games
San Diego, California — June 2001

Weather for the 2001 San Diego games was typical Southern California summer weather: hot and dry. Many visitors arrived early and planted chairs under the limited shade trees. The various areas of activity were scattered about the base of a hill, and the athletic competition was on a baseball diamond.


Eric and Erin Wahlberg again respresented Clan Maxwell admirably in the competitive games. Both officiated, and Eric also participated as a competitor — taking 4th overall for the “B” class, 3rd in the caber, 2nd in 56 lb. weight for height at 12 1/2 feet, and first in 56 lb. weight for distance. It was a crazy day, as the hammer handles kept breaking due to the hardness of the baseball diamond.


The picture gives a good overview of the clan area, and the edge of the baseball diamond can be seen at the left.


This year’s San Diego games were a great success, and Clan Maxwell was well represented. We urge Maxwells from California — and from across the nation — to think about treking to San Diego next June for this grand annual event.

—Al Reeder, California Commissioner

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